Written by on July 12, 2021

Cuba has been hit by a wave of nationwide protest which has not been witnessed in country since the 1990’s. Public display of dissidence is not permitted and has been a rare occurrence in the nation of about 11 million people.  Protesters have hit the streets from Santiago, and other parts of the country to the capital city of Havana calling for President Miguel Diaz-Canel to step down, the protest is believed to have been sparked off by the harsh economic climate in Cuba., CC BY 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

In Response, the government of the Communist-run island has accused the United states government of sponsoring the protest. Speaking in a televised speech on Sunday afternoon President Miguel Diaz-Canel blamed the United States, which has continued its decades-old trade embargo on the island. The Cuban President said many protesters were sincere but manipulated by U.S.-orchestrated social media campaigns and “mercenaries” on the ground, and warned that further “provocations” would not be tolerated, calling on supporters to confront “provocations.”

In a what seems like a direct response to the president’s call “pro government protesters have also been spotted waving the Cuban flag and chanting slogans in supports of the government while Several “Anti Government Protesters” are reported to have be arrested by the Cuban Special forces, who have been spotted in different parts of the country.

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