Biola Obiwole / Presenter

Biola (The host of the Football Guyz Show) is a strange personality that is yet to be figured out even by the greatest scientists in the world. Although this is mainly because they haven’t been fortunate to be in his presence but I digress.

He is a lover of the beautiful game even though he cheats on her with Formula 1 (side chick), Tennis (Friend with benefits) and Anime (Mistress).

His taste in music ranges from alternative pop to electronic pop, to symphonic metal, classic rock, R&B, Nigerian Hip-hop, the list goes on. He’s the kind of guy you don’t leave your sister, girlfriend or girlfriend’s best friend alone with. Don’t ask why, just do as you’re told, as wisdom is profitable to direct…If you’re still reading this profile, you should probably think of getting a hobby…ok bye!


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