Roland Dosunmu / Presenter

Love to live life simply with them that comes to terms with my ideals.
“Life is fun and simple to live”
Being a trailblazer, innovating revolutionary and creative ideas drives me and not the formation of irrelevant fiefdoms as some would think.
The innovative and creative technology space scintillates me
The Classical and Country music turns me on and Really all genres of music as long as it sounds great rhythmically and lyrically.
The Aroma of a delicious, tasty and a well prepared food gives me great satisfaction and joy
I dress simply and I go simply!
For my names Most people call me Aboki some add the Shago making it “Aboki Shago” some as well call me Chief Aboki Roland aka CAR but truly I am Oluwaseyi Roland Dosunmu
I am unending until death by His Grace so expect dynamism as I change in forms and voice on BoomRadio and if you listen well enough you might hear my voice narrating stories, biographies and some other books into your ears
If you care to know more of me, follow my trails and keep an ear for my voice.

Hate me! Love me! I am me! And Boom Radio is it! Say it Louder!

Boom Radio


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