French President Emmanuel Macron has said that France will return 26 artworks taken from the west African state of Benin in the colonial era. His announcement follows an experts’ report recommending that African treasures in French museums be returned to their countries of origin. The 26 thrones and statues were taken in 1892 during a […]

France says US President Donald Trump’s tweets mocking his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron were inappropriate and showed a lack of “common decency”. On Tuesday, Trump attacked Macron over nationalism, plans for a European army and the French leader’s ratings. “We were marking the murder of 130 of our people,” French government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux said, […]

officials say six people have been arrested in France on suspicion of planning to carry out a “violent” attack on President Emmanuel Macron. The individuals, reported to be five men and a woman, were picked up by the French security services in Brittany, north-east and south-east France. An investigation is now taking place into a […]

France has launched a national inquiry into the number of babies being born with missing arms or hands. The first investigation began after it emerged more than a dozen children had been born with the condition in clusters in three French regions. It ended after health authorities failed to identify a common cause. But now […]

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