Ellipses abuser (I tend to overuse it) favorite quote "Nobody owes anybody anything" favorite Bible verse Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Yes my taste in music is eclectic...

Tech Freak. Incurable Optimist. Closet Photojournalist. Love Music so much, but don't have the Vox to back it up.

A physiologist by discipline, a seamstress by choice and broadcaster by profession. This one loves rap music to a fault, books, write a little, loves good food, keeps her circle very small and loves having intelligent conversations more like attracted to intelligent people.

Sometime ago I discovered the meaning of life but forgot to write it down, since life teaches you new things every day. Music? Am a bit of this and that, this minute am listening to some R&B and the next, you'll hear Apala sounds booming through my speakers.

Biola (The host of the Football Guyz Show) is a strange personality that is yet to be figured out even by the greatest scientists in the world. Although this is mainly because they haven’t been fortunate to be in his presence but I digress.

Being a trailblazer, innovating revolutionary and creative ideas drives me and not the formation of irrelevant fiefdoms as some would think. The innovative and creative technology space scintillates me The Classical and Country music turns me on and Really all genres of music as long as it sounds great rhythmically and lyrically.

Nothing beats sleep in my life. It's the best. Oh yeah, I'm not from Earth. A Martian spy. Don't tell

I am Paul omo Ayorinde...dont think because you are reading my know me...even my last shrink had to see another shrink after evaluating me (winks)

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