US Supreme Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against OBamacare

Written by on June 17, 2021

The supreme court in the united states of America have dismissed a suit challenging the Obama healthcare law. This law is meant to provide healthcare insurance coverage for millions of Americans.

The supreme court justices voting by a 7-2 vote stated that Texas, other Republican-led states and two individuals had no right to bring their lawsuit in federal court leaving the law intact.


United States Supreme Court Building
[File:United States Supreme Court Building on a Clear Day.jpg|United States Supreme Court Building on a Clear Day]

The law’s major provisions include protections for people with pre-existing health conditions, a range of no-cost preventive services and the expansion of the Medicaid programme that insures lower-income people, including those who work in jobs that don’t pay much or provide health insurance.

Also left in place is the law’s requirement that people have health insurance or pay a penalty but Congress rendered that provision irrelevant in 2017 when it reduced the penalty to zero.



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